What are Freespins?

Online casino’s of today are very much popular and it it is increasing day by day. in fact, there are so many companies out there now that competition is extremely high. In order become the one above all the rest, many online casinos have developed ways to increase the number of new customers while maintainng their existing ones. One way to achieve this is to offer freespins to players. Freespins can be awarded or given to players as an exFreespinstra incentive to the players to keep on playing. Some casinos may offer freespins as a welcome gift for newly registered customers. For example, if a casino awards a player with a freespin, then the player is allowed to play one spin on the game for free, and any winnings are granted to the player. There is much debate on whether they are actually free as there may be requirements in order to cash in your winnings that are won from a freespin. Some casinos offer freespins without any catch, and some may require a turnover or wagering requirements.

Freespins Casino

Some online casinos offer totally unrestricted freespins. This means that there is no catch and any money won from a freespin is immediately granted to the player. Actually, this comes at a small loss to the casino, however, the bigger picture is that customers will remain loyal and continue to be so, of that particular casino, for a long time to come, and may bet their free winnings once it is awarded to them. However, other casinos have introduced turnover requirements to players, before any winnings from freespins can be withdrawn by the player. This is safer for the casino, but comes at a cost to the many players who might feel displeased with this approach. This is where some players might feel cheated out of their winnings, if they weren’t wise enough to read the small print.

Turnover Requirements

Turnover requirements can also be referred to as wagering or spinthrough requirements. This is where some players realize the no-win situation or discover the catch. Nevertheless, this can work out in favor of some players. If there are turnover requirements, then any money won from a freespin cannot be withdrawn unless the player wins a certain minimum amount. For example, if a player is granted 10 freespins and wins $40 and the turnover requirements are x10, the player must win at least $400, before any money can be withdrawn. Experienced players may benefit from this method and use this towards their advantage, but the newly registered customers might assume that this is all a scheme to get their money. These turnover requirements can be beneficial, as a lot more money is won if the player is successful, and can certainly lead to a great deal of added excitement in playing.

How do you Benefit from Freespins

Freespins can be seen as a way of enticing players to join online casino sites, and players can earn a lot of money by using them. If the player meets the turnover requirements and uses the freespins intelligently to his/her advantage, he/she will reap the rewards for certain. Depending on the casino, freespins can be achieved in different ways, they can be issued as an award for playing well, or granted to new customers as a welcome gift. They are beneficial to new players as they can be used as a type of introduction on how to play the games. and get a feel of the games without spending any money on purchasing spins. Experienced players, however, will benefit from freespins as a type of bonus and certainly increases their potential of winning more money if they are used correctly to their advantage. Above all, everybody likes feeling rewarded and if nothing is gained from freespins then nothing is lost.